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Bhutan Travel Tips

7 Points to Remember before trip to Bhutan

Before travelling to Bhutan know the following things as travel guide. These tips may help our invaluable tourists in order to make your Bhutan tour a memorable one.
1. Best Season to Visit Bhutan
Bhutan is a small country best known for living culture and natural environment in the world. But it is also advisable to know the best time to visit Bhutan. Usually, tourists prefer to visit Bhutan in spring (March, April and May) and fall (December, October and November). These seasons may also vary upon personal interests. However, if you are interested in seeing beautiful wild flowers, then spring the best time. If snow capped mountains and clear sky make you happy, travel to Bhutan in the fall. Apart from these special additions to your tour, both the seasons have festivals called Tsechus.

2. Port of entries
Kingdom of Bhutan has few ports of entry from India by road and other countries by air. Samdrup Jongkhar and Gelephu bordering Assam, India in the southeast and south-central, and Phuntsholing in southwest bordering West Bengal, India are the ports of entry by road.
The Kingdom has the only one international airport in Paro, where one can fly in from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand and Singapore. 

3. Tobacco banned country
Every tourist must declare tobacco products at the port of entry, if you are bringing in the substance. There are limitations on import of the substance. Click here know the limitations.
Smoking or using tobacco is strictly prohibited in the public areas. It is advisable to smoke in the designated areas at hotels and restaurants.

4. Travel Insurance
Precaution is better than cure! Please insure your travel in your home country and bring the documents along. Insurance companies provide lost baggage(s), travel cancellation and many more. For that, please consult your insurance company.

5. Money
Modern people travel cashless round the globe. Bhutan has many banks which provide ATM services in every corner of the country. Even handicraft shops accept credit and debit cards with little extra charges. Unlike in the past, you may keep some cash handy for your convenience.
Please note that new Indian notes are not acceptable in the country, except old 100 rupee notes.

6. Telecommunication
After your arrival in Bhutan, you may obtain tourist pre-activated 4G SIM cards from a shop to use it in Bhutan. A tourist SIM card is valid for a month and can be used only in Bhutan. Even international roaming service is also available in the country. Many hotels have WIFI connectivity.

7. Clothing
As Bhutan lies in the eastern Himalayas, expect unexpected weather conditions. If your travel date is few weeks before or after monsoon, it is recommendable to bring rain coat or umbrella. Sweater or pullovers and long pants are advisable during fall season. While visiting religious monuments, we need to wear long pants and long sleeved shirts in respect to Bhutanese culture. Most packages would have hiking included; pack the hiking shoes or sneakers as well.

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