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Bhutan Festivals

Festival in the Kingdom is called Tsechu held in the Dzongs or fortresses and monasteries honoring the Great Master, Guru Rinpoche of the 8th century. Tsechu is an annual festival held on the tenth day of the lunar calendar and the dates vary in different places and monasteries. The colorful mask dances invite local people and also tourists experiencing the living cultural heritage of Bhutan.
Tsechu, religious festivals are very important occasions where families and friends get together in great fortresses or monasteries to witness the festival. It is also an occasion for one to take a glimpse of living culture of Bhutan. Tsechu is celebrated throughout the country in honor of Guru Rinpoche of 8th century to commemorate his deeds in flourishing Buddhism in Bhutan and Tibet. These festivals are held annually in the massive fortresses, monasteries and temples with variation of time attracting both locals and visitors. Mask dances, folk dances and blessing and prayers are the highlights. Witnessing a few day festivals is believed to wash away the sins and give an impression of life after death. Life after death is making one aware of what would happen to one’s soul after death.
Clowns or Atsaras play a very interesting and important role during the festival. Atsaras are believed to be demonic spirits trying to obstruct flourishing Buddhism at the time of Guru Padmashambava. When the Guru performed the religious dances, local deities and devils came out to watch as Atsaras and mock the dancers. Same thing happens still, mocking the dancers, people and spiritual and temporal subjects.
Several day tsechus end with unfurling of large thangka or scroll painting as big as five storied building depicting eight manifestations of Guru Padmashambava. High lamas bless the long queue orally and visual of the huge thangka.

The Bhutan festival dates mentioned are tentative. For exact date of the festival, please contact us.
Sl./no. Festival Place Dates
1 Pelden Lhamoi Drupchen/ festival of Mahakali Trongsa Dzong, Trongsa 10th-12th February
2 Punakha Drubchen Punakha Dzong,         Punakha 12th-14thFebruary
3 Phurba Dubchen                                                         Doedel Pemacholing Lhakhang, Ramjar, Trashiyangtse 12th-19th February
4 Trashiyangtse Tshechu Tokaphu Lhakhang, Tongzhang, Trashiyangtse 13th-15th February
5 Khengzor Tshechu Khengzor Lhakhang,    Khar, Pemagatshel 14th-16th February
6 Lichibi Tshechu Lichibi, Goshing,Zhemgang 15th February
7 Punakha Tshechu Punakha Dzong,        Punakha 15th-17th February
8 Naktshang tsechu Nyalamdung Naktshang, Khoma ,Lhuntse 15th-18th February
9 Nganglam tshechu Nganglam Lhakhang, Zobel, Pemagatshel 17th-19th February
10 Tangsibi Mani                                                                                           Tangsibi Lhakhang, Ura,  Bumthang 18th-22nd February
11 Chenga Kora  Chorten Kora, Trashiyangtse 19th February
12 Tharpaling Thongdrol Tharpaling Lhakhang,   Chumey,Bumthang 19th February
13 Birds Festival Berti/Trong Gewog, Zhemgang 19th-21st February
14 Birth Anniversary Of His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck Changlimithang           Ground, Thimphu 21st – 23rd February
15 Zhuri Duechoed Zhuri Lhakhang, Chumey,      Bumthang 1st-2nd March
16 Gayden Choedpa Gayden Lhakhang, Ura,       Bumthang 4th-6th March
17 Namgang Kora  Chorten Kora, Trashiyangtse 6th March
18 Kharphu Lhasol Bjoka Trong, Zhemgang   9th March
19 Gasa Tshechu Gasa Dzong, Gasa   13th-16th March
20 Zhemgang Dzongkhag Tshechu Zhemgang 13th-16th March
21 Tsirang Tshechu   Ragbey Dratshang, Tsirang   14th-16th March
22 Gomkora Tshechu Gomphu Kora,    Trashiyangtse   14th-16th March
23 Trelda Tshechu Dagana Dzongkhag Courtyard, Dagana 16th March
24 Dzongdra Tshechu Dzongdrakha Lhakhang, Luni, Paro   16th March
25 Prewchoed Buli/Tali/Nangkhor, Zhemgang   16th March
26 Paro Tshechu Chhenmo   Ringpung Deyangkha, Paro   17th-21st March
27 Pantang Tshechu Pantang, Zhemgang   19th March
28 Bhutan Sports Festival  Phobjikha Gantey, Wangdue Phodrang 6th April
29 Dungmed tshechu Dungmed Lhakhang,Dungmin, Pemagatshel 12th-14th April
30 Tashicholing Lhakhang Tsechu Tashicholing Lhakhang, Yurung, Pemagatshel 13th-15th April
31 Dunhkhar Tshechu Dungkhar Lhakhang, Khar,             Pemagatshel 13th-15th April
32 Rawabi Tshechu Rawabi Goenpa, Maenbi, Lhuentse 13th-15th April
33 Dolay drupchen Neyphu Goenpa, Shaba, Paro 14th April 2019
34 Domkhar Tshechu Domkhar Lhakhang,              Chumey, Bumthang 14th-16th April
35 Ura Yakchoed Ura Lhakhang, Ura,          Bumthang 16th-20th April
36 Rhododendron Festival Lamperi Botanical Garden,             Dochula, Thimphu 19th – 21st April
37 Dumati Tshechu Dumati, Lichibi, Zhemgang 29th April
38 Prew Jasabi , Kurtoe, Lhuentse 12th-14th June
39 Prew (Khowchung) Gangzur, Lhuntse 12th June
40 Zobel Tsechu Zobel Lhakhang, Zobel,      Pemagatshel 15th-17th June
41 Bonchoed Trong/Dangkhar, Zhemgang 16th June
42 Der-choed Bjoka Trong, Zhemgang 9th-11th July
43 Nimalung Tshechu Nimalung Dratshang, Bumthang 10th-12th July
44 Decheling Tshechu Dechenling Lhakhang, Dechenling, Pemagatshel 10th-12th July
45 Dungsingma tshechu Dungsingma, Yurung ,  Pemagatshel 11th July
46 Khamdang Tendra Tshechu Shaksinggoenpa, Khamdang,   Trashiyangtse 11th July
47 Tendra Tshechu Geokar Lhakhang, Yalang, Trashiyangtse 11th July
48 Kurjey Tshechu  Kurjey Lhakhang, Choekhor, Bumthang 11th July
49 Khangma tshechu Khangma Lhakhang, Yurung, Pemagatshel 11th-13th July
50 Ha festival All Chiwogs in Jarey, Lhuentse 11th-15th July
51 Haa summer festival Dzongkhag Ground, Upper market, Haa  13th-14th July (2nd weekend of July)
52 Hungla ChokhorR Tokaphu Lhakhang, Tongzhang, Trashiyangtse 28th-30th August
53 Lhamoi Doey-Phang Ringpung Dzong 29th August
54 A-hoi Bonchoed Bjoka Trong, Zhemgang 2nd September
55 Tour Of The Dragon (Mountain Bike Race) Bumthang to Thimphu 7th September
56 Matsutake Mushroom Festival Genekha, Thimphu 3rd– 4th September
57 Dongdorla Duechoed Bjoka Trong, Zhemgang 5th – 8th September
58 Takila Chham Takila Lhakhang, Lhuentse 11th-13th September
59 Kesibi Chha Kesibi Lhakhang, Maenbi, Lhuentse 16th-18th September
60 Chukor Shaksinggoenpa, Khamdang, Trashiyangtse 27th-29th September
61 Chha Festival Kurtoe Lhuentse 30th September – 2nd October
62 Chha Chhusa & Zimpong, Kurtoe, Lhuentse 30th September – 2nd October
63 Thimphu Dromchoe Tashi Chhodzong, Thimphu 4th October
64 Jhomolhari Mountain Festival Jangkothang, Upper Paro  14th – 15th October
65 Bum Tashi Festival Gasa Dzong, Gasa 5th October
66 Dromche Rinpung Dzong, Paro 5th October
67 Goenpung Tshechu Shumar/Goenpun, Pemagatshel 6th -8th October
68 Kothakpa tshechu Shumar/Kothakpa, Pemagatshel 6th-8th October
69 Haa Tshechu Lhakhang karpo, Haa 6th-8th October
70 Wangdue Tshechu  Tencholing Army Ground, Wangduephodrang 6th- 8th October
71 Terchen Drupchen Kichu Lhakhang, Paro 6th-18th October
72 Geling Goenpa Tshechu   Geyling Goenpa,           Chukha 7th-8th October
73 Dorjitse Kuchoed Dorji  Gompa, Tang, Bumthang 7th-9th October
74 Shaksinggoenpa Traditional Cham Tshechu Shaksinggoenpa, Khamdang, Trashiyangtse 7th-9th October
75 Jangchubling  Wang Gangzur, Lhuentse 8th October
76 Tamshing Phala Choedpa Tamshing Lhakhang,            Choekhor, Bumthang 8th-10th October
77 Thimphu Tshechu Tashi Chhodzong,         Thimphu 8th-10th October
78 Ney,Jang and Gangzur Chha Gangzur lhuentse 10th-11th October
79 Nangkor Tsechu Shumar , Pemagatshel 11th-13th October
80 Dungsingma tshechu Dungsingma, Yurung       Pemagatshel 11th-13th October
81 Thangbi Mewang Thangbi Lhakhang,            Choekor, Bumthang 11th-14th October
82 Kadam tshechu Kadam Lhakhang, Khar, Pemagatshel 12th-14th October
83 Dankala Mani(mantra)/Tshechu Dankala lhakhang Shaba, Paro   13th October
84 Khomshar Kharphu Khomshar   13th October
85 Phuentsholing Thromdey Tsechu Pelden Tashichoelling Shedra, Phuentsholing 13th October
86 Laya Aulay Laya, Gasa   15th-16th October
87 The Royal Highlander Festival : Laya, Gasa 23rd- 24th October
88 Shingkhar Rabney Shingkhar Lhakhang,         Ura, Bumthang 2nd-6th November
89 Bho-Yak Janka-kha’ at upper valley of Haa.    3rd November
90 Jakar Tshechu Jakar Dzong, Bumthang 3rd-7th November
91 Ugyencholing Kangsel Ugyencholing Dzong, Tang, Bumthang 4th-6th November
92 Chukha Tshechu Chukha Ngedrubtse           Dzong, Chukha   4th-6th November
93 Lanyiri tshechu Lanyiri Lhakhang, Dungmin, Pemagatshel 4th-6th November
94 Tshebar tshechu Tshebar Lhakhang,     Khar, Pemagatshel 5th-7th November
95 Goenkar,  Tshechu Goenkar, Khoma, Lhuentse 6th-8th November
96 Pemagatshel Tshechu Pemagatshel Dzong 10th-12th November
97 Dungmed tshechu Dungmed Lhakhang,Dungmin, Pemagatshel 10th-12th November
98 Black-Necked Crane festival Gangtey Goenpa, Phobjikha,  Wangduephodrang 11th November
99 Birth Anniversary Of His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck Changlimithang      Ground, Thimphu 11th November
100 Tshepami Throngdrel Ringpung Deyangkha 12th November
101     Bardo Kharphu Bardo, Zhemgang     12th November
102 Jambay Lhakhang Drup Jambay Lhakhang, Choekhor, Bumthang 12th-15th November
103 Prakar Duechoed Prakar Lhakang, Bumthang 13th-15th November
104 Panbang Tshechu Sonamthang Dratshang, Panbang, Zhemgang   17th-19th November
105 Serzhong Tshechu Do-Ngag Kuenzangcholing Lhakhang,Gelephu, Sarpang 19th November
106 Sumthrang Kangsel Sumthrang Lhakhang, Ura, Bumthang 22nd-26th November
107 Khomshar Katag   Khomshar, Zhemgang   25th November
108 Doedel Pemacholing Tshechu Doedel Pemacholing Lhakhang, Ramjar, Trashiyangtse 28th November -13th December
109 Mongar Tshechu Mongar Dzong, Mongar 3rd – 6th December
110 Trashigang Tshechu Trashigang Dzong, Trashigang          3rd-5th December
111 Dechenling tshechu Dechenling Lhakhang, Dechenling, Pemagatshel 4th-6th December
112 Menchu Pemaohuendey Norbugang, Pemagatshel 4th-6th December
113 Thrichu Goenpa Tshechu Thrichugoenpa, Tongzhang, Trashiyangtse 4th-6th December
114 Tang Namkhar Rabney Tang Namkhar Lhakhang, Tang, Bumthang 5th-7th December
115 Pema Yoeselcholing GoenpaTshechu Kencholing-Shompangkhag, Sarpang 5th-7th December
116 Geokar Lhakhang Tshechu Geokar Lhakhang, Yalang, Trashiyangtse 6th-12th December
117 Gamung tshechu Shumar/Gamung, Pemagatshel 10th-12th December
118 Phumithang Tshechu Phumithang Dratshang 10th-12th December
119 Shingkhar Tshechu Shingkhar, Bumthang 10th-12th December
120 Wamling Tshechu Wamling, Zhemgang 10th-12th December
121 Thrisa Tshechu Thrisa, Zhemgang 10th-12th December
122 Gongphu Tshechu Gongphu, Zhemgang 10th-12th December
123 Goshing Tshechu Goshing Trong, Zhemgang 10th-12th December
124 Buli Tshechu Buli, Zhemgang 10th-12th December
125 Bjoka Tshechu Bjoka Trong, Zhemgang 11th-13th December
126 Chojam Rabney Chojam Lhakahng, Tang, Bumthang 11th-15th December
127 Ladrong Rabney Ladrong Lhakhang, Jarey, Lhuentse 11th-15th December
128 Khenyel Lhakhang Tsechu Khenyel Lhakhang, Gortshom, Maedtsho,Lhuentse 12th December
129 Dra-Lha-Soel Ringpung Dzong courtyard 12th December
130 Khomshar Tshechu Khomshar zhemgang 12th December
131 Langdurbi Bonchoed Langdurbi, Zhemgang   12th December
132 Bonchoed Buli/Tali/Kikhar/Nangkhor   12th December
133 Nangla Tshechu Nangla Trong, Zhemgang   12th December
134 Mamung Tshechu Mamung Trong   12th December
135 Tashibi Tshechu Tashibi   12th December
136 Kharphu Bonchoed Shingkhar/Thrisa/Wamling/Radi/Nimshong, Zhemgang 12th December
137 Bonchoed Trong/Dangkhar, Zhemgang 12th December
138 Jambay Lhakhang Singye Cham Jambay Lhakhang, Choekhor,Bumthang 12th December
139 Nga Lhakhang Zhi Nga Lhakhang, Choekhor, Bumthang 12th-14th December
140 Druk Wangyel Tshechu Dochula,Thimphu 13 December
141 Dekidling Tshechu Lungtok Tharchen Goenpa-Dekidling,Sarpang 21st December
142 Pangkhar Choedpa Pangkhar Lhakhang, Ura, Bumthang 21st-26th December    
143 Jangchubling tsechu Gangzur lhuentse 24th-25th December
144 Lomba Individual House, Haa & Paro 25th-26th December

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