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National Dress of Bhutan

The National dresses; Gho for men and Kira for women are worn all over the country signifying the national identity. The people going to offices, schools and other official always have to wear the national dress. If a person visiting a Dzong (government office), person should wear also a ceremonial scarf called Kabney for men and Rachu for women. This is mainly showing our traditional culture and in respect to the national flag depicting secular part of the government, the King and the religion.
The best dresses are worn during the festival, Tsechu. The fabrics can be cotton or silk with lot of pattern decorations on it. Ladies wear high heels, beautiful silk dress covering whole body, jewelries and sun glasses on, a paragon of elegance!
Kira is a rectangular dress wound around the body from neck till ankle, securing on the shoulders with clasps and tied around the waist with belt called Kera. Inner blouse (Wonju) and outer jacket (Tego), matching the color of Kira should always be good color combination.
Men’s dress, Gho is similar to kimono long till ankle but pulled up to knees and tied with Kera. Men’s belt (Kera) is smaller in width than women’s. White cuff called Lagey and knee long socks with shiny leather shoes is the elegance of Bhutanese men.
Highlanders dress is something different from others. People from northern region called Layaps wear Yak hair woven dress with bamboo hat with pinnacle. Merak and Sakteng inhabitants in northeastern Bhutan, bordering Arunachal Pradesh in India also wear Yak hair woven dress with black hat.

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