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Black Necked Cranes

Long necked white birds in the Phobjikha valley called Black Necked Crane is the beauty of the village which fly in from Tibetan Plateau in mid October and back in March. Black necked crane is well associated with the folks of the valley, a time for peasants to plant potatoes for winter and sign of early summer when the cranes fly back. Marshy land is the best place for the crane to feed on worms and fish from the ponds and streams. The valley is the roosting place for the cranes in winter and well protected for them.
Phobjikha is one of the underdeveloped regions in the country, but with well to do people living there. As the bird is one of the endangered species in the world, the Royal Government of Bhutan did not provide the valley electricity for long time. Instead houses were equipped with solar panels and very recently electricity was provided, underground.
The valley has lot of possibilities of short hikes to explore in the nature and villages. The famous hike is Gangtey Nature Walk through village and pine forest, eventually ending in to the valley.

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