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Original name ‘Shang Gang – Shang’s Mountain’ was named after a temple built in 1163 by Tibetan saint, Drogon Shangkyeme and later became Zhemgang. Nabji temple in Zhemgang still houses a stone pillar which is said to commemorate a peace treaty initiated by Guru Rinpoche between King Syenda Gyab and King Nouche of Bumthang in the 8th century. There are few places where Pema Lingpa in 15th century, the great saint visited and built temple, making the region holy and important to the people. The places extending to south were ruled by multiple kings until 17th century.
With less historical sites, Zhemgang makes up a paradise for botanists and ethno botanists (see Flowers of Bhutan by K Nishioka and S Nakao, Japan, 1984) ranging from 200m to 1900m. One of the thirteen Traditional Arts and Cafts; bamboo, cane and rattan ware productions take place here.  This region is one of the least developed regions in Bhutan with poor road condition, which extends to the south to Geleyphug, border to Indian State of Assam.

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