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The great experience of landing at the Paro International Airport makes one exciting with first panoramic view of the Paro valley (2250m). Paro is situated on a flat and wide valley with Pa-chu River meandering down the valley between beautiful rice terraces. Paro is one of the most fertile cultivable regions in the country with fresh apples and red rice; plantation of red rice during summer and cultivation in autumn.
Many visitors spend several days exploring the valley. Paro has the most iconic landmarks such as Taktsang (Tiger’s den) which is clinging on rocky cliff about 1000m above the Paro valley, Dzongdrakha and Kila Monasteries are of similar examples of Taktsang. There are 155 temples and monasteries, some of them even dating back to 14th century.
Paro has lot of interesting places to show to its visitors. Rinpung Dzong (Fortress on a heap of jewels) is a huge building conquering the valley, built in the 17th century by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. National Museum standing majestically on a hilltop above the Rinpung Dzong used to be the watch tower since 17th century giving one an impression of living Bhutanese cultural heritage. The Museum is comprised of ancient artifacts, armory, stamp collection and much more about Bhutan. Drukgyel Dzong (fortress of victory of Bhutan) in the north of Paro valley is in ruins but it is worth visiting as it gives spectacular view of Mt Jhomolhari (7314m). The Dzong controlled the route from Tibet to Bhutan since 17th century until burnt down in 1951.

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