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The Haa Summer Festival is a lively and uplifting celebration of traditional living-culture, nomadic lifestyles, unique Bhutanese cuisine, traditional sports and religious performances. It provides unpAralleled insight into the lives and traditions of Bhutan’s nomadic herders. It showcases a lively traditional living culture, nomadic lifestyles, and demonstration of local cuisines, brewing of local Ara, traditional sports, religious performances, dances, songs, artifacts and natural alpine flowers. Tourists can also experience the night at one of the many village home stays and enjoy the hospitality of the local people of Haa Valley.

2nd weekend of July

Venue: Dzongkhag Ground, Upper market, Haa DECHENLING TSHECHU

This festival is held in the Lhakhang of Dechenling Gewog under Pemagatshel Dzongkhag. Mask dances, along with different varieties of cultural items, make up the main highlights and entertainment of the festival. There is another Dechenling Tshechu taking place in Decemeber, so if you miss this one, it’s still possible to attend it later in the year.

10 – 12 July

Venue: Dechenling Lhakhang, Dechenling, Pemagatshel DER-CHOED

Different types of mask dances are performed on this day to entertain and bless the locals.

9 – 11 July

Venue: Bjoka Trong, ZhemgangTENDRA TSHECHU

The Geokar Teldha Tshechu is held in Geokar Lhakhang in Yalang, Trashiyangtse.

11 July

Venue: Geokar Lhakhang, Yalang, Trashiyangtse NIMALUNG TSHECHU

Nimalung Tshechu is a three-day festival. It starts with the usual Chams and dances performed in other Dzongkhags but on the final day, people are blessed with the display of Guru Tshengye Thongdrel (large tapestry) in the morning. On the final day of the festival, the Guru Tshengye cham and Drametse Nga cham are performed by the monks of Nimalung Dratshang.

10 – 12 July

Venue: Nimalung Dratshang, Bumthang KHAMDANG TENDRA TSHECH

The annual tshechu is performed on the 10th day of the second month as per the Bhutanese calendar which is considered a female month for the year.

11 July

Venue: Shaksinggoenpa, Khamdang, Trashiyangtse KURJEY TSHECHU

Kurjey Tshechu is celebrated in the popular Kurjey Lakhang in Bumthang. People of Jakar and Kurjey villages attend the tshechu to pay obeisance to Guru Rinpoche who brought Buddhism to Bhutan. It is a one-day festival and the Chams/dances include the Guru Tshengye and Shinjay cham performed by the monks of Kurjey Lhakhang. The festival closes with the unfurling of a giant Buddha/Guru thangka painting known as Thongdrel. The festival is fully supported and funded by the government of Bhutan.

11 July

Venue: Kurjey Lhakhang, Choekhor, Bumthang HA FESTIVAL

Ha festival is part of the Bon tradition, which has unique and special chAracteristics. All villages under Jarey Gewog take part in the Ha festival.

11 – 15 July

Venue: All Chiwogs in Jarey, HaKHANGMA TSHECHU

Khangma Tshechu takes place in Khangma Lhakhang in Yurung, Pemagatshel. Various mask dances and traditional cultural programmes are performed during the festival.

11 – 13 July

Venue: Khangma Lhakhang, Yurung, PemagatshelDUNGSINGMA TSHECHU

Dungsingma Tshechu is a festival held in Dungsingma village in Yurung, Pemagatshel. People gather during the festival to witness mask dances and receive blessings.

11 July

Venue: Dungsingma, Yurung, Pemagatshel

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