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Khowchung in Gangzur, Lhuentse is the residence of the famous Terton (treasure revealer) Pema Lingpa. The stone bathtub and a footprint of the horse that used to belong to him can still be found here. The festival held here at Khowchung is when the public can receive blessings from relics.

12 June

Venue: Gangzur, LhuentsePREW

Prew is celebrated yearly to offer prayers to Guru Rinpoche to protect from any misfortune and to have bountiful production in the year. Some say Prew is to observe the birth anniversary of Guru Rinpoche.

12 – 14 June

Venue: Jasabi, Kurtoe, LhuentseZOBEL TSHECHU

Zobel Gewog under Pemagatshel Dzongkhag is known for its many sacred religious monuments: it has about 13 temples and 50 chortens. The popular Zobel Tshechu is held in the Zobel Lhakhang in Zobel Gewog under Pemagatshel Dzongkhag.

15 – 17 June

Venue: Zobel Lhakhang, Zobel, PemagatshelBONCHOED

People from the community offer offerings (Tshog) to the god and pray for wellbeing and happiness for another year. Religious dances and local folk songs are also performed during the event.

16 June

Venue: Trong/Dangkhar, Zhemgang

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