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1. Why every tourist has to pay $200/$250 per night?
This is the minimum tariff regulated by the Tourism Council of Bhutan which includes at least 3 star hotels, costs for food, licensed tour guide and transportation within the country. The low season ($200 /person) and high season ($250/person) also include royalty of $65 which is meant for free education, free health care and poverty alleviation. This tariff implies only for group of 3 or more people. Surcharges of USD $40 per night would be implied to individual traveler and USD $30 per night per person for group of two.

2. Do I need visa to Bhutan?
All international tourists need visa to enter Bhutan which will be pre-arranged by our company and send it to you prior to your visit. A visa costs USD 40 and it is one time entry. Indians, Bangladeshi and Maldivian nationals may obtain visa on entry and do not have to pay for it.

3. What is the actual number of tourist a year admitting into Bhutan?
It is just the tourism policy “High Value, Low Impact” which is derived from the philosophy of Gross National Happiness in order to maintain and protect our cultural heritage and natural environment. In fact, there is no tourist limit.

4. When is the best season to visit Bhutan?
The best season depends upon ones interest. If one wants to see flower blossoms around the country, choose spring while there will be festivals going on as well. To see clear sky and the Himalayan range along with festivals, fall season is the best to visit Bhutan. Since Bhutan falls in the eastern Himalayas, one cannot be very sure about the weather. But the weather would be approximately clear for one to see snow-capped mountains in the fall.

5. What is the food like in Bhutan?
Unlike many other countries in the world, chilly with cheese is the main dish which would be of course spicy. No chilies, no enjoyment of meal! Bhutanese always add chilies in every dish and rice as the main course. In terms of meat; pork, beef and chicken are most often eaten at homes and local restaurants. We understand the westerners’ choice and continentals and Indians cuisines will be served in the hotels.

6. Do tourists must book trip through tour operator in Bhutan?
Yes. It is again the policy of “High Value, Low Impact” tourism in Bhutan. Bhutan does not accept backpackers as it might hamper the Bhutanese cultural heritage and natural environment. This is also to make sure that the tourists have safe guided and memorable trip in Bhutan. Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian nationals really do not need to do so but it is highly recommended.

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